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Hooked on Fishing – Danube Delta Pike Fishing Championship

Hooked on Fishing – Danube Delta Pike Fishing Championship

ANTREC Tulcea, together with Verada Tour and with the support of the locals from Mila 23, carried out the organization of this competition which aims to promote responsible rural tourism, non-invasive, and rediscover the instinct of educated fisherman, protecting nature and respecting the community.


For two days, the competition took place in three rounds, fishing from the dawn of the day, with the boat rod, each crew totaling two people. The winners were those who fished the largest amount of pike, measuring at least 40 cm from head to tail.

"The ANTREC Tulcea project, Danube Delta Pike Fishing Championship aims to promote rural tourism in the Danube Delta, by developing products that respect the environment and, at the same time, protect the ecosystem. The traditional folklore and the folk costume were, once again, promoted and attracted the eyes and appreciations of the participants. The organizers also wanted and managed to create an interactive portal with complete information about specific tourism products." (Source from The magazine Vacanțe la țară)


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