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  • tulcea@antrec.ro
  • Tulcea, România

The National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism - Tulcea Branch

ANTREC Tulcea is a non-governmental organization, with national coverage, which identifies, develops and promotes hospitality and Romanian rural tourism. In 2002, ANTREC Tulcea was the first ANTREC branch from România that has obtained legal personality. Thus, the organization has set specific objectives that set the tone for activities of support and sustainable development for rural tourism in Romania.

The objectives of ANTREC Tulcea

creating a favorable environment
for tourism development

identifying and creating
new guesthouses

improving the existing
tourism product

increasing the quality of national tourism
for sustainable development

increasing the number of tourists
visiting through the guesthouses network

promoting the specific tourist product
on the national and international market

Activities carried out by ANTREC Tulcea until now

Projects initiated, developed and implemented by ANTREC Tulcea