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From ANTREC Tulcea to all Danube Delta tourists: “Tourist guide of Danube Delta gastronomic culture”

From ANTREC Tulcea to all Danube Delta tourists: “Tourist guide of Danube Delta gastronomic culture”

The Vice President of the Tulcea County Council, Dumitru Mergeani, participated today in the press conference to promote the project "Tourist Guide of Danube Delta gastronomic culture", implemented by the National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Tourism (ANTREC) - Tulcea Branch and co-financed by The County Council within the annual session of non-reimbursable financing from public funds allocated for non-profit activities of general interest, based on Law no. 350/2005. The meeting was also attended by Silviu Gheorghe, president of ANTREC Tulcea, and Doina Pindic, representative of the same association.


„I am very happy that this is happening in our county. It is an ambitious project, which we hope will be successful among tourists. We are dealing with a new way of national promotion of the anthropic and natural tourist heritage of the Danube Delta by increasing its awareness at the level of the national and local tourist environment. What should be remembered is that this product will not be a cookbook, but a tourist guide that will highlight the historical, cultural and all things related to traditions in the Danube Delta, resulting in a better promotion of the area. among the tourists who visit us. The County Council has supported and is always eager to support such initiatives that bring benefits to our county, especially when it comes to the development of local tourism”, said Vice President Dumitru Mergeani.


According to the president of ANTREC Tulcea, Silviu Gheorghe, the book "Tourist guide of Danube Delta gastronomic culture" will include a presentation of Danube Delta area as a whole and its tourist infrastructure, a presentation of gastronomic culture specific to the delta area, the history of gastronomic products and the influences they have due to the different ethnic groups that make up the Delta population. The guide will appear at the end of November this year, its dissemination being free and will take place at the level of tour operators, public and private authorities and in national tourism events.


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